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Concrete patio – forget about your past and what you think you know about this material and its uses for your home or business. This material and how it is treated in the finishing process yields a variety of looks, feels and colors that will delight your senses and the look and feel of your home.

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Re-imagine what is possible on your property with this material

The standard slab of untreated concrete, usually a standard-sized rectangle poured as a small porch on your back yard, textured for tiny pits with the bristle of a broom, is a slab of the past. A concrete patio can be as rich and elegant as the flooring of 500-year-old Viennese chapel, or otherwise designed and implemented to fit as big or as modest as your needs may be on your property.

Summertime and your new concrete patio sets up a formula for good times that you will wonder how you have ever done without. Granted, winters here are brutal, so when it warms up it is time to appreciate fresh air with good food, friends, family, neighbors, music and general good cheer. Being outside changes people in contrast to the indoors; it connects us to our roots and lets us stretch our minds and bodies more. Getting a wonderful new patio facilitates these good times yet to be had, or had in a new and better way, so that you do not have to travel elsewhere to have fun and cut loose when you finally have the time during the week. Or, if your structure is a business, a renovation for this relaxing outdoor area can breathe new life in your business and invigorate sales.

Considerations for your concrete patio:

  • Design: Unfortunately, many homes are constructed with a traditional design in which very little if any thought was put into. Now it is time to get it designed properly. Consider the following: exposure to sun and shade, outdoor views, proximity to the house as well as the number of people you may expect for your gatherings and activities such as sunbathing, cooking and dining. Also, what kind of color, texture and overall aesthetic are you looking for?
  • Décor: For your concrete patio, many take a full-concept, expansive approach that acts as an outdoor living room. To this end, your patio effectively serves to increase square footage for your living space. You may not be interested in going this far; however, it gives you an idea of the scope and the degree of which you may go, if desired.

When it comes to a concrete patio, there are so many styles, patterns, looks, colors, textures and shapes that may interest you. From the very vibrant in color to various surface textures, we have the multiple decades of experience to deliver on your property that will nicely improve your property value and quality of life. Not only is your beautiful new patio brilliant for social parties such as family gatherings, it is also ideal for personal time alone, digging into that novel once again or just taking a nap in the fresh air. For the best of both worlds, including time alone and with your loved ones, you can be sure that you have come to just the right place to realize your vision for an outdoor space.

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– concrete patio; call us for a free estimate
It is sure to be one of the most popular areas in your home

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