Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation crack repair can potentially save your property from thousands of dollars of expensive repairs – if you catch suspicious cracks early. If you take a comprehensive gander at your home or business, or most buildings, it is common to find seemingly insignificant hairline fractures running along portions of a building. If you do not keep a close, vigilant eye on some of these cracks, however, you may end up kicking yourself when you are eventually steeped in multiple problems.

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A small crack may lead to big problems, if left untreated

The need for foundation crack repair may be found throughout your home, including your home or business’s …

  • Basement (floor or foundation wall)
  • Patio
  • In-ground pool
  • Garage floor
  • Home’s walls

From the looks of these cracks, they look common, but they should not be disregarded. There is a plethora of reasons accounting for why they occur and they include thermal movements, shifting soil, foundation settling, drying shrinkage and other minor factors. Over time, these small veins, possibly running throughout your home, are liable to widen as gravity continuously and consistently maintains its pull, combined with rain, freezing temperatures, ice and extreme heat. As with asphalt roads, ice may expand cracks in subfreezing weather. It is time to seriously consider foundation crack repair as you begin to notice increases in size of these fissures. A major clue that a crack is reaching a critical level is when you begin to see water coming through the foundation. At this point, you absolutely have no time to waste.

Some reasons why early foundation crack repair curbs exponential costs …

  • Eye sore: These cracks just do not look good and it can significantly lower curb appeal and property value. It reeks of future problems in a buyer’s market, and buyers want to know they are getting a good, long-lasting deal on any property in which they invest.
  • Leads to seepage: A crack will not inevitably lead to water seepage, but it begins the probability. First, a crack just does not look nice. Then, if and when it widens, it threatens your building’s structural integrity. The more severe the crack, the more likely you will see water coming through. When that happens, the entire disintegration process hastens and your problems from there explode with multiple anxieties. Early foundation crack repair is the answer.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this mélange of structural problems. There are relatively simple, cost-effective methods of dealing with this fundamental, core-to-your-home issue. For example, poured foundation cracks at your home may be fixed by a low-pressure polyurethane foam material. And, for other types of repairs, we feature other epoxies for a variety of problems leading to foundation crack repair.

Why your neighbors love us … We have been doing our line of work for more than three decades, and feature multi-generational knowledge and insight to the structural issues surrounding your property. We have recently been awarded an A+ rating from the well-respected Better Business Bureau and carry a spotless, complaint-free record from all the many communities we serve in and around Chicago. We look forward to bringing our excellence to your property.

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